In this opportunity, I'll share a little about the science of Scalper in Forex Trading.

What is a scalper in forex trading?

How do I apply the knowledge of Scalper in forex trading ?
How can good risk management in the science scalper?

This is the answer that hopefully can help all of you who are learning scalper  
in your trading system.

Forex Scalper is a more precise science for profit little by little in each of your  
forex trading transaction.
There is also a saying that forex scalper is a system of thieves,  
and is usually done in a maximum of every day

And then, How The most simple and profitable to be a scalper in forex trading ..?"> And then, How The most simple and profitable to be a scalper in forex trading ..?

The most Appropriate answer is about how far our ability to read trends in TF H1 .. Is there going on a big price movement or just ranging / sideways ..?

Best Entry & Exit For Scalper ..
This Is The Formula

- Make TF H1 For Measuring Movement Price Volume ..

- Increase ability to read directions We candlestick ..

- The Candlestick Entry If Not Formed In TF H1 / Already Half The formation of Candlestick Previously,
   But will of the Most Important is about the ability of We read candlestick trend

- Do not Make a habit of using the Take Profit,

Hurry Exit Position When We Already Maximum Profit 15 pips

- Familiarize Viewing Time,

For Example: If you specify only within approximately 20 minutes

already high volume pricing,

please immediate entry,

but better is not applied Pls fundamental news is coming ..

- Never Too Much Use Indicator,

Because it will from only the make us hesitate to take decisions -

Avoid Traders Nature of disease, ie Greed And Fear ..

- Increase the ability of We the Measure level of profit / loss

May the Formula I That Work for all forex traders.
Success And Happy Trading My Friend
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